However, Tommy found a condom Craig had been planning to use and thinking his son had slept with Rosie, punched him in the face.Despite this, Craig was devastated when his father was killed.

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, her father's friend who was 20 years older than her, it caused Tommy and Angela to split up.

Upset at this, Craig altered the brakes on Martin's car, hoping to split Martin and Katy up and bring back peace to his family. Craig told his father and they raced to the rescue.

Martin decided not to press charges once he found out the truth.

Tommy and Angela got back together when they realised how much their problems were affecting Craig. They decided to sleep together, but at the last minute thought it would be best not to.

Angela took the blame for the kill, despite seeing what Katy had done and is now in prison.

Katy, a diabetic, committed suicide by eating lots of sugar.

Craig then lived with grandfather , who, having decided that Craig had suffered enough problems, chose to move to Weatherfield rather than taking Craig back to Sheffield.

He broke up with Rosie for a while after she made an insensitive remark about his family, but they put their differences behind them and got back together again.

They recently had sex and slept together and Keith and his girlfriend went round to wish the pair happy New Year-Craig answered the door in a dressing gown, and, seeing Rosie's dress lying on the sofa, went upstairs to find a naked Rosie in Craig's bed.