NOTE : If these steps fail, your Anti Virus installation may be damaged.

This procedure will remove all Symantec products, not just the Anti Virus software.

If you have purchased a full version of Symantec's System Works, you may keep this program.

It includes Anti Virus as well as system monitoring utilities.

Note : Prior to removing your current version of Symantec or Norton Anti Virus software, you should have downloaded the newest version from the PSU's ITS Server.

You should NOT use your computer on the network until SAV is reinstalled.

Note : These steps are written for Penn State College of Ag Science computers with Windows XP Professional.

Follow the steps in Delete a Quarantined file from from Symantec Anti Virus to remove any items in Quarantine prior to uninstalling Symantec or Norton Anti Virus.

Fix Most Windows Errors and Problems With Tweaking.

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