I have a recurring issue, in Excel 2016 Preview, across various files and data models, where I will lose the Power Pivot data model connection (or possibly lose the data model completely) that was previously working fine.

updating links in excel2016-88updating links in excel2016-13

Still, it would be nice if my data models would stop disappearing.

Thomas, Yes, it’s very helpful in a pinch, but it’s not a reasonable workaround.

I’d be interested in others’ experiences with disappearing data models, and whether any preventive measures have been determined. Jim I have a related issue, in that our database server was just migrated. This is a pretty big flaw that has to be fixed, not worked around.

Database and sql tables are the same, as is the user id, but the change in server name broke ever single powerpivot model that I’ve worked on since 2016 came out. One way I read to work around is to pull all the data into spreadsheets first, then link those sheets to a data model.

One can update the connections to the sheets without losing everything. On Excel 2013 i worked on the file using a fresh version of Power Query, when i opened “Get Data/Power Query” in Excel 2016 it said that the queries were made in a newer version of PQ than the one which is integrated into Excel 2016.

This is a pretty clunky way to do it though one I wish I’d pursued before our server name change last weekend. Restarted my computer, reopened a working file and my whole data model has disappeared.. Frustration level reaching new hights Hi I did install it from office 365 once it was fully released, never used 2016 prior that. So it could be related to version issues with PQ, strange that it worked for a while though.. It looks like this may be related to the workbook containing macros.I am sure going to backing up mine and then deleting the original and seeing if the problem goes away.The file that had data that I could share, the engineer just told me didn’t have a data model and so he couldn’t help me! Any suggestions at all repairing the issue or avoiding it in the future?Some of these files are big files that get copied over from month to month, with complex data models, but a couple of them have been brand new models, with something as simple as a data model with just a couple of tables, a couple of calculated fields or columns, and a bunch of pivot tables build off the model. In other versions of Excel I had a similar problem when using Power Query and changing data types or changing column names or changing table names in the data model or source data, instead of making these changes in Power Query. Hi, Tom, Although some of the tables in some of the models fed by Power Query, this isn’t the same issue you describe.(I have, however, experienced that one on several occasions in the past, and it was not fun, either.) Thanks.I just found a solution by Brent Greenwood that at least lets me get the measures from the backup into the otherwise updated workbook, so that is pretty exciting.