I’ve tried to argue this issue with my mom, but sadly you can’t fight ignorance with rationale.

I have always been more attracted to black men than white men.

I’ve heard and read about all different opinions on this topic and I’m here to share my perspective.

My inclination to date black guys is just that: an inclination…

Just like you might prefer a guy who has tattoos or dark eyes, or one who classifies himself as a guido juicehead (if you don’t know, ask Snooki). The first guy I had a serious crush on was a blonde-haired, blue-eyed Italian boy. When my mother discovered that I had a serious crush on a black guy, she attempted to intervene immediately, saying she didn’t approve and wanted me to date white guys.

I was blown away and bewildered that my normally levelheaded mother had such a huge problem with something that, to me, was trivial.

I understand that this probably doesn’t paint my mom in the best light, so I feel it necessary to say that my mother is a wonderful, sweet woman who would do and DOES do anything for anyone.

There is this just a stubborn, outdated piece of ignorance within her that makes it difficult for her to accept seeing her daughter date outside her race.

Log on the internet, pick up a magazine or turn on the TV and you are likely catch a story about dating and relationships.

Who’s dating who, who’s newly engaged, who got caught cheating… Add an interracial factor to the story and interest becomes especially piqued, opinions clash and sometimes conflicts become heated. Why, in this day and age, does interracial dating still spark such a reaction?