As evidenced by the success of Chatroulette, people get a kick out of seeing each other (anonymously) on video.Taking that to heart, Whos Here – an app that has allowed countless people to meet and greet each other in meatspace – has launched a video chat service that lets folks connect when and where they want.

From the PR:“Although many use Whos Here to meet new people, it is so much more than just a dating app,” said Stephen Smith, co-founder and COO.

“We’ve found that our users have made connections for many different aspects of life – love, friendship, keeping in touch with family, travel advice and more.

An Illinois truck driver with two names used X-Box Live and Minecraft online games to entice and threaten children into sending him nude photographs, phone numbers and home addresses, according to federal prosecutors, and engaged at least one in sexually explicit chats. Sawyer also threatened to kill the families of two Lockport boys if they exposed him, federal prosecutors allege.

Zack Sawyer, 31, indicted Thursday on two counts of attempted sexual exploitation of children, threatened to rape and kill two of the boys when his demands were refused or blocked, according to the U. Sawyer, who also went by the name Joshua Nield, contacted at least eight boys between the ages of 10 and 13, including boys in Lockport, Roselle and Rockton, Illinois, as well as boys in Virginia and Massachusetts, federal prosecutors said.

He was brought up on local charges of extortion and exposing a child in the nude in Massachusetts and Virginia.

Authorities say he's been trolling these online games for years, and federal charges were warranted.

In March 2010, Sawyer allegedly used X-Box Live to contact 12 year-old boys from Roselle, according to the indictment.

Sawyer lives in Georgetown, a small town near Champaign.

But the truck driver proved hard to catch because he was always on the road. Marshals tracked him down in December 2014 and arrested him at a relative's Illinois home.

As he roamed the country, he also brazenly taunted law enforcement, according to federal authorities. “This case was particularly troubling, because Sawyer was very mobile traveling through many states.

Because of our close collaboration with the State Police and U. Marshals and the South Vermillion County Sheriff’s Department in Illinois, we were able to prevent any further victimization of young children,” U. Marshal John Gibbons said at the time of his arrest.