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A bicycle dog leash is a great way to exercise your dog and release energy - especially for active dogs. Read about the differences in the new Walky Dog Plus model See the Walky Dog in Action below!

The Walky Dog Plus features a patented internal spring system that acts like suspension when your dog pulls - biking your dog has never been easier. - Frequently Asked Questions"I have lost track of the MILES AND MILES of exercise that I have been able to provide for my Australian Cattle Hound who was BORN to run and LIVES to run...

My dog and me have seen more of the open-air countryside that I ever imagined possible..literally throws a fit when he sees me getting my bike out, and attaching his bar to it...jumping around, barking, all happy and excited, tail wagging a mile a minute.

However there can be hazards in the garden for our dogs that we might overlook or be unaware of.

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We all know how busy our lives can get, why not leave the dog walking to me!

We also offer the best price, free shipping, and no sales tax (except in TX). Check out our exclusive Walky Dog Bundle Package Deals Please note: The Walky Dog Plus is best suited for medium to large dogs.

Some heavier or less active breeds, such as bulldogs, may have difficulty with excessive exercise.

Helpful Resources: Dog Biking Tips (Getting Started) | Dog Biking Accessories | Bike Leash Buyer's Guide | FAQ | Our Guarantee"Pull Absorbing - Easy to Use - Fun!