If Nightlife is installed, they also want to go on date with their partners.Though Romance Sims love to love, they don't want to bind a commitment with their lover, whether it's to go steady or get married.

The sixth game in IO Interactive's sneaky murder sim franchise, simply titled Hitman, adopts an episodic design wherein it will continually introduce new assassination contracts for players to undertake.

Everyman Harry Mason searches the desolate town of Silent Hill for his missing daughter in the first of a series of survival horror titles that rely more on unsettling atmosphere than jump scares for tension.

Solve cases on the infamous Autobahn highway in this laughable title by taking down dangerous criminals without stepping out of your vehicle in over 70 fascinating missions. A Super Nintendo game that recreates the classic Indiana Jones film trilogy.

Sims with the Romance Aspiration crave lots of lovin' with as many different Sims as they can find, so setting aside the time for them to chase those hot prospects is key.

Fill their Aspiration Meters with hot steamy nights and lust-filled days in order to keep Romance Sims' lives long and exciting. Romance Sims are passionate to have as many romantic possibilities with anyone as possible, without being tied up by lifelong commitment.

Romance Sims dare to have many lovers and cheat them without getting caught.They also want to make out and Woo Hoo with many Sims.The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons is one of the two Oracle games released on the Game Boy Color.It features the ability to change the four seasons as Link goes on a quest to save the Oracle of Seasons, Din.The Reap is an isometric shoot 'em up by Housemarque, in the vein of the Zaxxon series.Players fly a ship through 4 distinct worlds; fighting human, robotic, alien, and aquatic enemies along the way.