The melting temperature is 1,005 C (copper alone is 1,083 C).Copper was the most common metal for everyday use in ancient Egypt.

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The oldest Egyptian copper artifacts, including beads and small tools, date to the early 4th millennium BC.

It has been proposed that they were fashioned from native copper.

According to this (unproved) theory working copper predated its extraction from ore.

There is an endless variety of handmade products produced in Egypt.

If one examines this merchandise and is familiar with it over a span of years, it is easy to see that, even though the Egyptians have been working metal, alabaster, papyrus, glass and other materials for thousands of years, their efforts continue to improve.

One of the many materials that Egyptians work with by hand is brass, and they have a long history of doing so.

One sees many products made from it, from banquet trays to minaret finials.

Like glass, the Egyptians make a vast array of items.

Amongst the items favored as souvenirs are pots, lamps, embossed plates and inlaid or reposed trays (the larger ones are often mounted on stands to serve as tables), candlesticks holders, water-pipes, gongs, coffee sets, statues, archaic style lamps, mirror frames, vases, swords, and many others items.