Soon comes Ashley and Jimmy's 8-month anniversary, Paige encourages Ashley to have sex with Jimmy and Spinner does the same to Jimmy.Ashley at first says no but when she sees Paige kissing Jimmy for an English assignment, she changes her mind.

After high school, she went on to attend Banting University for the 2006–07 school year, but dropped out in early December 2006 after suffering frequent panic attacks. Paige also quickly establishes herself as a mean girl early on in the series.

She had a rocky lesbian relationship with Alex Nuñez but never dated another girl, so she is considered to be bisexual. She was rivals with Heather Sinclair, Manny Santos (although both later made up) and Darcy Edwards. In Family Politics, Paige is shown to be the all-around queen bee of Degrassi and J. Her above statement may indicate that the snobby, but secretly kind, popular girl we all know and love today may have not always been that way.

She was best friends with Hazel Aden and Marco Del Rossi, before they fell out, and also friends with Ashley Kerwin, Jimmy Brooks, Terri Mac Gregor, Spinner Mason, Ellie Nash, Craig Manning and J. Paige likes Spinner but he has a crush on Terri, which makes her jealous.

I made a mistake going upstairs with you, but you made more than a mistake: you made a choice. Honey Bee (by Spinner)Paigy (by Marco)Drama Queen (by Marco)Spirit (by Dean)Sunshine (by Michael Raye)Little Miss Plastic (by Emma)Pumpkin Bunny (by Spinner)Low Grade Ho (by Darcy)Princess Always Gets Her Way (by Ellie)The Devil (by Ellie)The Lesbian Chick (by Jason Mewes)High School Bitch Paige (by Alex)Hun (by Holly J.)Princess Prissy (by Alex)Dirty Skank (by Jay)Paige Michaelton (by Kevin Smith) Griffin Pierce-Taylor (Ex-Boyfriend)Jesse Stefanovic (Ex-Boyfriend) Alex Nuñez (Ex-Girlfriend) Matt Oleander (Ex-Boyfriend) Spinner Mason (Ex-Boyfriend) Jimmy Brooks (Kissed) J. She is the younger sister of Dylan Michalchuk, who is two years her senior.

Sometimes I even look under the bed to make sure you're not there. Falcone (Former Attraction) Paige Michalchuk is a graduate of Degrassi Community School (Class of 2006) and the founder and first captain of the Spirit Squad (succeeded by Darcy Edwards).

Although initially portrayed as a typical Queen Bee (beautiful, cruel, manipulative, and arrogant), she is later seen as a sharp-tongued, intelligent, and ambitious individual, revealing a kinder side as the series progressed.When she was fifteen years old, she was raped by Dean Walton and testified in the Michalchuk vs.When Spinner asks Terri to the dance, Ashley gives her a makeover but quickly leaves to help set up the dance preparations.Terri is unhappy with Ashley's makeover, so Paige gets her into some inappropriate and revealing clothing. Terri ends up getting drunk and making a fool of herself, so Spinner's feelings have changed.Next, Paige and Ashley vie for the attention of Toby's mom, Kate's, attention as she is a talent scout. They are both shocked when their sucking up is nothing compared to Terri's natural modeling talent.Paige is jealous once again but nonetheless congratulates her along with Ashley.