(Afghanistan, Obama's "good war," is now America's longest-running war.) What I find ironic is that, during the Eisenhower Administration in the mid 50's when we were competing with the Soviet Union for the "hearts and minds" of people, we spent a lot of money financing and building a massive irrigation project (modelled after our TVA) taming the Helmand River in Helmand Province in order to promote the production of pomegranites and other other edible produce. TRS0&_nkw=Papaver+somniferum&_sacat=0 The poppy seeds you get on your bagel or buy at the supermarket are exact same species used make opium and then heroin, Papaver somniferum.Subsequently, the Afghans concluded it did wonders for the production of poppies, which had a much greater cash value than ordinary vegetables. So are most of the poppy flowers sold in northern US garden stores.

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I seem to recall reading a few years ago about an American military man who had the audacity to complain to higher-ups about the Afghan military's propensity to violate boys, and the higher-ups ignored his complaints and sided with the Afghan military. People grow and sell them legally in the US, see here: I think the reason nobody does this in the USA is that it is a laborious process to extract the resin from the plant, but Afghan and Laotian labor is extremely cheap.

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When I first started posting on TAC back in early 2010, I quickly made it clear that(1) I had opposed the Iraq War a year before it started when I heard GWB utter that inane phrase "Axis of Evil" in his 2002 SOU speech and (2) that we should have exited Afghanistan a year or two max after we declared war.

Phil Giraldi responded to my comment by arguing that we should have exited Afghanistan as soon as we expelled Al Qaeda and the Taliban.